Public Engagement & Science Communication

Science does not “belong” to scientists – it belongs to all of us.

The public can play a huge role in both citizen science (collecting data for larger research projects) and conservation actions (protecting species and habitats), but only if individuals are excited and interested.

I am passionate about finding new ways to communicate science and to introduce people to the miniature worlds that surround us, yet so often go unnoticed.

Below is a sampling of my science communication talks, writing, and interviews for various events, competitions, and media. If you are interested in hiring me for an event or commissioning my writing, please contact me here!

Pulsar Podcast: Museum of Science, Boston

In March 2021, I was interviewed for the Museum of Science, Boston podcast, “Pulsar.” I chat about pollinator conservation, some of the common misconceptions about bees, and about my research in the episode, “What do a honeybee and a chicken have in common?”

FameLab Ireland 2020

In March 2020, I competed in the science communication competition, FameLab Ireland, semi-finals where I won the “Audience Prize.” My talk, The Bitter Truth About Honey Bees, was then entered into the video heat, where I was chosen to be a final competitor in the FameLab Ireland Finals.

In April 2020, I competed in the FameLab Ireland finals (virtual) and was awarded Third Place for my talk, Everybody Hates Wasps.

Electric Picnic 2021

I am currently in the process of organizing an exhibit and workshop series that will debut at the Electric Picnic Music & Arts Festival in the Global Green Eco-Village. The exhibit will highlight insect pollinators, particularly wild bees (i.e. bumblebees and solitary bees) by combining art, play, and science. This event is scheduled to take place September 2021.

“Being Earnest with Hazel Hogan” Podcast

In April 2020, I was featured on Hazel Hogan’s podcast, “Being Earnest with Hazel Hogan.” We chatted about bees and other pollinators and what humans can do to help conserve them.

Bright Club

In November 2019, I performed at a science comedy night, Bright Club, in Whelan’s Pub in Dublin. During my set, I describe what it’s like to be a scientist who studies bees (hint: I might secretly be a fairy princess).

*Explicit Content: Strong Language*

Soapbox Science

In Summer 2019, I was chosen to be a speaker for the global event, Soapbox Science, which features the research of women in science. I stood on a soapbox in the middle of Dublin and gave 15 minute talks about my research on pollinators and what people can do to conserve pollinators in their every day life.

RTÉ Brainstorm

In October 2018, I published a science communication piece entitled, “Meet the hard working class insects” in the online publication, RTÉ Brainstorm, which provides readers with informed views and perspectives on a vast range of topics

Eco Eye

In Spring 2018, I was interviewed for the Irish television series, Eco Eye, to discuss some of my work on pollinators in apple orchards. The episode, Plight of the Bumblebee, also features my supervisor, Dr Dara Stanley.

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